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I’m giving away a ten pack of seeds of this #uncirculated Fruit Pie from @redeyed_genetics on my feed right now ending at 5 pmPST. Check the next post in my feed for details on how to win #highsociety #ilovefruitpies by tonygreenhand

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Anonymous asked:
you're super attractive, and you throw a wicked party. Have a nice day :)

What a lovely way to start my day :D
This was actually so nice, thank you :3 

Best friends since 2012, 
 Dating for over a year now,

So thats just over two years of fuckery and nonsense and dealing with my crap,

and somehow he’s not sick of me yet

thank fucking god <3

 I love this kid :3

I love how I’m always in the wrong, no matter what.

So much for a whole ten months clean. 


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Animal Cookies

Very pungent and floral OG scent with a note of sweetness like sugar or molasses

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Anonymous asked:
you n d are super cute togetherr, how long have you been dating? :o

Ahaha thanks :) 
And we were best friends for over a year before I started dating him, and we’ve been a couple for 1 year and two months :)