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This little nug of weed looks like the rose from Beauty and the Beast. 🌹

Omg this is beautiful (:

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if you work at a sex shop is it still nsfw


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those moments where your ass is going slowly (and painfully) numb but you can’t move because your laptop’s dying and the cord can’t reach any further than where you’re currently positioned on the bed and that fuckers guna die without being plugged in so you just kinda sit there and suffer for no apparent reason because you’re not actually doing anything of actual importance, you’re just wasting hours on tumblr typing pointless text posts that will probably never be reblogged.

Anonymous asked:
How long have u and that guy been dating ?

Er, just over a year and a half, me thinks. 

Possibly longer, I could be wrong. I’m terrible with dates and all that, all I know is our year mark is in April.

Anonymous asked:
are you and d still dating?

yeah man ! :) 

Anonymous asked:
your fucking hott, damn.

….. alright .